Our environment needs care

Because of this, consideration of the environment always plays a roll for us with respect to business management. For some years, using the integration of innovative technology, we have set a new standard for medium sized Hotels in and around Munich.

In 1997 we were the first hotel in Munich to put a block-type thermal power station (BTTP) into operation to generate electricity and heat. The effectiveness of BTTP’s is based on its use of waste heat, which in other power stations goes unused as it is discharged in a river. The high efficiency of BTTP’s makes considerable energy savings possible without sacrificing comfort– a concept that became and important element in our company philosophy.
Since the beginning of 2003 a photovoltaic converter enhances the ecological concept of our Hotel. The word “photovoltaic” comes from the greek work for “light” and the name of the physicist Allessandro Volta. It denotes the direct conversion of sunlight into electrical energy by means of solar cells.
Naturally, we respect the same principles with our use of only biodegrable cleaning solutions. We support the use of disposable packaging only in areas where their use is necessary for hygienic reasons.

We love and treasure our Nature. In our hotel, you will experience individual comfort, which coincides with respect for our environment and the considerate use of our available resources.

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